Apart from wear, the main problem of pads is a noise during operation (creak or squeak), which often disturbs drivers.

The reasons for noisy work of pads there are several, and not always it requires emergency replacement of brake elements:

  • Wear to the metal substrate or to the operation of the mechanical sensor.
  • Jamming of guides or piston caliper due to lack of lubrication. Because of jammed calipers pads not only squeak, but also wear out quickly.
  • Scrape of the new pad may occur during the “lapping” and disappears after abrasion of the running layer.
  • Formation of protruding edge on the brake disc, which causes noise during braking.

brake pads

To reduce noise during operation the pads not only contain a special layer in the structure but also made with recesses and bevels on the working surface: they help pad easier to come into contact with the disk surface and the moisture and dust are removed from the contact surface.

Another problem – initially low production quality. Buying pads of unknown manufacturer you can easily get the goods, which isn’t relevant to safety requirements and in general by any standards.

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