Features of wheel painting

To make your car even more personal, you can use the wheel painting. Powder coating is the most popular way of painting. It has a lot of advantages, such as efficiency, durability and resistance to chemical and mechanical damage. Moreover, it keeps texture and color longer and has a very rich palette. Such technology can help you to create such unique colors as scarlet, whoozy-phoozy, sanguine, etc. to paint your wheels.
As an alternative, you can update your wheels using acrylic paint.

Features of wheel

It is clear that wheel painting is a very popular service. Therefore, many large companies produce the special paint for the wheels and offer their own complete cycle of production with the quality assurance. Using the powder coating, you can achieve the original appearance of the wheel with the long-lasting aesthetic. Initially, the wheel is covered with an anti-corrosive soil, then painted with the basic color and covered with a layer of transparent lacquer, required to protect it from the influence of aggressive environment.

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