Car catalyst.

Many of us know that the car catalytic converter is necessary in order to reduce the percentage of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. It is usually elliptical or circular cylinder of metal or ceramic. On its surface there are a layer of platinum and of the chemical elements. Car catalyst is installed between the engine and muffler. It is part of the exhaust system of the car.

Car catalyst

Catalytic convector transforms a large percentage of nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. As a result, they make substances such as nitrogen, water vapor and carbon dioxide, which is completely safe for the environment.

But what to do in the event that the car catalyst is out of order? First of all, you should contact a specialized company that is engaged in replacing them. But it is worth noting that the catalyst is not cheap at all.

If at this time you do not have available money to purchase a new converter, replace the failed one, it is possible to find a more democratic option. Often it is sold so-called flame retardants, which are quite a cheap. But it is worth to consider that they are suitable only for vehicles with older engines.

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